Computer Vga Switcher, 2 Input 1 Output, Vga 2 Port Switcher

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Computer Vga Switcher, 2 Input 1 Output, Vga 2 Port Switcher

Τιμή: 25,95 €
25,95 € + 20,49 € Αποστολή

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Computer VGA switcher, 2 input 1 output, VGA 2 port switcher Feature: 2 in 1 out Plug and play, No additional software needed Support VGA, XVGA, SVGA, UXGA and Multisync display Not support DDC, DDC2,DDC2B Enables 2 computer to share 1 monitor, projector. or conversely, 2 monitors, projectors to share 1 computer not simultaneously Two press button switch for changing the VGA signal control A VGA switch may be used in security setups where monitoring different areas of a building is required and switching between multiple inputs is a necessity Specification Device Type:2 PC to 1 Monitor VGA Switch Box Interface Type: 3 standard VGA female (2 in 1 out) 1. Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the image 2. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm deviation Size: all size Color: black Quantity shipped: 1

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