Shower Squeegee Glass Cleaner Double-sided Household Wiper (nordic Blue) Gift

30,63 €
+ 11,14 € Αποστολή

Shower Squeegee Glass Cleaner Double-sided Household Wiper (nordic Blue) Gift

Shower Squeegee Glass Cleaner Double-sided Household Wiper (nordic Blue) Gift

Τιμή: 30,63 €
30,63 € + 11,14 € Αποστολή

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The three-in-one design window cleaning tool is equipped with a spray bottle, a rubber blade and a cleaning sponge, which can speed up window cleaning and cleaning speed. drying without leaving traces. Suitable for cleaning windows, car windshields, bathroom mirrors, glass shower doors, tiled walls, glass dining tables and other surfaces. Easy to use: this glass shower scraper uses durable and flexible precision rubber blades to quickly and easily peel off soap and water film from all smooth flat surfaces quickly and easily from all smooth flat surfaces. the non-slip and comfortable grip fits the palm perfectly without slipping. The wiper is supplied with a removable bottle for the cleaning liquid. When cleaning, you can easily clean the windows with the press of a button, without the need for an additional cleaning bucket. Multiple uses: suitable for cleaning hotels, restaurants, beauty salons , offices, shopping malls and homes, very suitable for cleaning floors, desks, windows, glass, mirrors, tiles, poles, etc. It is an essential cleaning tool. Made of high quality ABS plastic material, 100% safe, comfortable and solid. Silicone slats with precision edges can protect your windows and be used in various environments without leaving marks. The professional microfiber cleaning sponge can absorb all window dust without chemicals and clean windows quickly and easily. ,"

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