Hdmi To Vga Adapter With Audio For Computer Projector, Gold-plated Connector, 1080p Full Hd Resolution

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Hdmi To Vga Adapter With Audio For Computer Projector, Gold-plated Connector, 1080p Full Hd Resolution

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10,95 € + 3,49 € Αποστολή

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This HDMI to VGA adapter with audio is perfect for connecting high-definition multimedia devices to monitors or projectors with VGA ports. The gold-plated connector is compatible with a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, and media players. This adapter supports full HD 1080P resolution and 3D. The audio port sends audio to speakers or a display, making it ideal for presentations or watching movies. No drivers or external power required, this is a plug and play device. Features 1. Female High Definition Multimedia Interface to VGA adapter connects a High Definition Multimedia Interface compatible device to a monitor or Projector with VGA port by extra High Definition Multimedia Interface cable. Kindly note: not bi-directional. This High Definition Multimedia Interface VGA video converter only converts High Definition Multimedia Interface (female) signal to VGA (Male). 2. Converts High Definition Multimedia Interface digital signal to VGA analog signal; Audio port sends Audio to speakers or a display. 3. Gold-plated connectors is compatible with desktop, laptop, Ultrabook, notebook, DVDs, media player, cable box, or other devices with High Definition Multimedia Interface port 4. Supports 720P and 1080P full-size high-definition resolution; support High Definition Multimedia Interface V14, 3D. Plug and play. No driver needed, No external power required. 5. When connecting your monitor, if put your monitor out of range or monitors won't show anything. Please adjust the resolution of your input source and monitor to below 1080P. Specification Material: ABS Color: Black Package Size: 4 5 2 cm Weight: 40 g Package Include: 1 Adapter

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