Hdmi-compatibel Converter Digitale Video Audio Adapter Xbox Projector Monitor

69,00 €
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Hdmi-compatibel Converter Digitale Video Audio Adapter Xbox Projector Monitor

Hdmi-compatibel Converter Digitale Video Audio Adapter Xbox Projector Monitor

Τιμή: 69,00 €
69,00 € + 1,99 € Αποστολή

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Hdmi-Compatibel Converter Digitale Video Audio Adapter Voor Xbox 480P 720P 1080i Voor Hdtv projector MonitorFeatures:Taking out the classic console and getting them up and running is the easiest way to skip the old cable connected modern displays.For retro games, this is an affordable and convenient option to provide good video quality.Come back and experience everything I missed when I was a child: Games, game consoles, controllers.preparation:You need to enable 480p / 720p / 1080i display mode in Xbox video settings in advance to access the maximum output resolution according to different games.Include instruction guide (Spanish is not guaranteed).signal processing :The original Xbox can output 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i, and the HDMI cable can get better image display only through digital signal.Xbe patch:By modifying the xbe startup file on the moddida console, you can fix most games that are locked on 480i and lack 480p support to force 480p output.Impressive video quality:The converted prompt shows the Xbox game with excellent bright color reproduction, with significantly smoother images, fog elimination, clearer text and texture.Compared with the composite AV cable, it has less serrations, fewer pixels and better definition.It also works on the original Xbox Console, modified or unmodulated.Manual setting on TV:The cable has been specially calibrated for the original Xbox.But the final output depends not only on the quality of the cable, but also on the quality of the games and TV you're playing.If you want to further enhance the screen, try adjusting the backlight, brightness, dynamic adjustment or other parameters on the TV.Some Xbox games with other display modes.Package content:1x Adapter

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