T.v53.03 Universal Lcd Tv Controller Driver Board V53 Analog Tv Motherboard

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T.v53.03 Universal Lcd Tv Controller Driver Board V53 Analog Tv Motherboard

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T.V53.03 Universal LCD TV Controller Driver Board PC/VGA/HDMI/USB Interface Description: Model: T.V53.03 Tuner: V53 Scheme of the chip: V53 TV Format: Analog Signal Input Interface: PC / HDMI / TV / AV / USB multimedia playing Power Adapter: DC 12V 3-5A Screen interface: LVDS Single 6 / 8 , Double 6 / 8 Screen voltage: 3.3V / 5V / 12V (Jump cap) Resolution: Support high screen 1920 * 1080, 8.9-42 inch LVDS screen (support most of the panels,but not all) Not only USB interface can be used to upgrade programs, but also can use to play video/music/photo, basically formats are supported. You can also set a boot display pictures or LOGO and Mirror Enable. Programming: 1.Copy firmware of "VST53C_4MB_M.bin" in formatted U-disk(FAT32) ,then insert U-disk and 7KEY-Button to driver board. 2.After turn on the power ,the light of the 7key button be Red then flash red faster. IT KEEPS flashing and NEVER STOP. it's normal, just wait about 1 minute, it means upgrade has finished. then power off and pull off the u-disk. (Note that write programs do not power outages, crashing won't be able to use) Package Including: 1 x LCD TV Controller Board/Board+Remote Control/with 7 key button

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