For Dji Mini 3 Pro Propeller Holder Protector Stabilizer

13,95 €
+ 6,49 € Αποστολή

For Dji Mini 3 Pro Propeller Holder Protector Stabilizer

Τιμή: 13,95 €
13,95 € + 6,49 € Αποστολή

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Propeller Holder Protector Stabilizer for DJI Mini 3 ProFeature:Compatibility: Propeller holder suitable for DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone accessoriesMini 3 Pro propeller holder secures and protects the propellers for safer storage and transport.Small volume, easy storage. Easy installation, quick installation and removal when pulling apart.By using flexible quality raw materials, the Mini 3 Pro drone is not scratched, and the folding and bending can also be restored automatically with strong durability.Material: ABSSize:8*2.9*3.5cm (lower propeller protector)8*3.5*3.2cm (upper propeller protector)Package included: 1 Set Propeller Protector

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