Child Leashes For Toddlers - Toddler Harness With Leash 2 In 1 Wrist To Wrist

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Child Leashes For Toddlers - Toddler Harness With Leash 2 In 1 Wrist To Wrist

Τιμή: 41,95 €
41,95 € + 3,49 € Αποστολή

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Anti-Lost & Reduce the Fear and Anxiety Every parent who have a Little Escape Artist should have one child leash in public busy places ESPECIALLY with the HUMAN TRAFFICKING EPIDEMIC. Reduce much fear and anxiety a parent or child might have in being separated.A kids leash and harness keep your child close and safe in crowds or during family outings,great for anyone who takes a lot of walks with your kid,much easier to control a wild toddler by a wrist kids leashes or harness. 2 Options - the Harness and Wrist Strap The 2 in 1 toddler safety leash has both chest strap and wrist strap option. A simple kids wrist leash will make public outing with your kid enjoyable and relieved,it could also be worn as carrying a toddler backpack with leash on shoulders while parents fasten the bracelet to wrist,a toddler harness safety leashes does give kid more freedom and independence. The leash for kids can be freely switched between backpack with leash and toddler wrist leash. Safety Locks & Stainless Steel WireA anti lost wrist link with lock is a essential for kids because they try to undo everything and learn buckles fast. Kids cant open the kids leash by themselves.The keys attached to the parents wrist of the baby leash securely so you won't lose it.The bungee of the baby harness has a stainless steel wire cable with a rubbery protective covering, which is safe but difficult to be cut by a knife,prevent breakage, strong enough for daily twisting and pulling. Metal Connectors & Rotate 360 Degrees The connector of the toddler leash is made of metal which is strong enough to connect you and your loved one,it is linked to the toddler wrist leash with freely rotating 360 degrees,so that you can walk any direction you want when using the child harness leashes for kids,can move around without any struggle,the wrist link for toddlers is not too far but enough for the toddle to feel independent while have your hands free. Sturdy and Comfy Easy to UseThe wrist leash for kids is easy to use, just loosen the connected buckle,put it into the baby backpack leash buckle or child safety wristband buckle. The chest strap the wrist strap can be adjusted. The shrinking chain of baby leashes for toddlers can extend up to 8.2 feet.The fabric is skin-friendly,the belt of the backpack leash for toddlers is made of car seat belt material which is sturdy and comfy,with the cushioning cushions on shoulders,soft and breathable.

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