Selfie Stick Tripod Gimbal Stabilizer With Wireless Remote Control

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Selfie Stick Tripod Gimbal Stabilizer With Wireless Remote Control

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Product DescriptionMaterial: aluminum alloySize: 33*30*195mmColor: Red, Pink, White GoldBattery capacity: 50MAHQuantity: 1PcsPackage content: 1*rechargeable tripod1.3 in 1 Design: Combine the 3 functions of the selfie stick, gimbal stabilizer, and cell phone stand together. It is suitable for taking selfies, recording video material, video chatting and watching TV or movie, etc.2.Smart Anti Shake Function: With anti-shake stabilization technology, we can click the button to keep the phone in a horizontal or vertical state. This eliminates the hand-shaking defects and helps you take smoother photos and video content better.3.Wireless Remote Control: With a built-in remote device, it can control distance is up to 10m. And it can be easily taken out to use when needed. When taking group photos, you can set it to tripod mode and use the button to control the shooting.4.Comfortable Handheld Gimbal: It is durable and light because of made of aluminum alloy. Humanized handle design increases anti-slip effect and makes the equipment more stable.5.Portable and Wide Compatible : The small and light gimbal makes it so easy to carry. Compatible with almost cell phones such as iPhone and Android phones . It made for most selfie lovers or photo and video makers.

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